Evaluation Services

Many organizations and agencies, especially federal agencies, that award large grants to academic institutions require oversight by an external evaluation consultant. During an evaluation project, the E-2 evaluation team, led by Dr. April Edwards, Ph.D., assists project leadership and administration with developing, refining, implementing, and reporting on project outcomes. We prefer to be involved as early in the process as possible, and we will assist with developing the evaluation plan in the proposal development stage. We have served as external evaluation consultants for multiple National Science Foundation and the United States Department of Education programs.

    Our services include:
  • Assisting project leadership and administration with reporting on the measurable objectives and project activities described in the proposal.
  • Development and validation of survey instruments
  • Focus groups and interviews of project participants
  • Analysis and summarization of results
  • Assistance with annual reporting requirements
  • Formative and summative assessment to assess the project's quality, effectiveness, and impact
  • Annual reporting of activity and results

All evaluation activities will include ongoing discussions with the project leadership to ensure engagement in the evaluation and open communication.